Ghettu Music Camp is a digital platform which showcases
young rappers and their talents. My role was to create
the concept and design the visual identity of the product.

credits _
+ agency _ CasaDigital
+ ECD_ Luiz Eduardo Kühner
+ AD_ Luiz Miller
+ UI_ Luiz Miller
+ retouch_ Luiz Miller

project logo

client logo _ reduce version
From the reduced version of the client's logo, I identified a visual element that has a lot in common with the project proposal: the section.
graphic element _ analog wave
From the analog wave references of the MPCs and the curve points, I developed from the movements a matrix.
The section brings the meaning of a break in the rapper's life. Showing the visual concept that after Ghettu Music Camp, they will evolve in their career.



luiz miller // art director & designer & creative